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Poor access to healthcare services and ill health in rural and hard to reach communities of Malawi due to extreme poverty - Poverty is both a cause and a consequence of poor health and on the other hand good health leads to development and in turn development leads to good health.


TMF addresses poor access to health care services and ill health in rural and hard to reach areas through two ways:

  1. we treat social and economic determinants of health through entrepreneurship and sustainable livelihoods.

  2. we take healthcare services closer to people through Medical Mobile Outreach Clinics.


Increase in household disposable incomes makes it easy for people to afford and access health healthcare services.

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Partnerships for Scale

As TMF we can’t end extreme poverty on our own—we must do it together in partnership.

With over 9.5 million people in Malawi living in extreme poverty, we need to rapidly scale up sustainable poverty eradication solutions that work as a means to allow the ultra-poor access to health.

Our cost-effective approach has been proven to work in multiple locations of Malawi and with different populations. With our sustainable livelihood initiatives, we are now working with the government and nonprofit partners to transform the lives of 9.5 million Malawians by 2030.

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